Cliff Eberhardt w/special guest Louise Mosrie

Craftsman House Gallery, St. Pete, FL

Songwriting workshop 11am-2pm, $40 per person, bring a song you're working on! For more info, email: craftsmanhouse (at)

Cliff's workshops consist of having students bring a song they are working on - not one they have recorded or even performed in public - and he will discuss how to edit a song musically and lyrically to make the song stronger and ready to perform! So, students should bring two typed copies of their songs and their instruments - no pre-recorded songs or tracks please.


"Working with Cliff was transformational for my writing" - Celia Dahl

"No single thing I've done has helped me more than Cliff's workshop" - Dean Driver

"...he is both a brilliant teacher and powerful mentor" - Marjorie Sachs