Knew Things (NEW): CD
  • Knew Things (NEW): CD
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"Knew Things" is a collection of songs I produced myself at home during the pandemic. Normally, I would've hired an engineer, studio, musicians and producer, but nothing was normal in 2020. Some of the songs are brand new. Some are from the 2019 production of The Heal - but re-arranged and re-recorded. It kept me busy and a little more sane during the lockdown.

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18 Essential Songs 1990 - 2009: CD
  • 18 Essential Songs 1990 - 2009: CD
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(NEW!!!) A "greatest hits" record of sorts....the most requested songs from 2 decades!

My Father's Shoes, The Long Road, Your Face, White Lightning, That Kind of Love, Goodnight, Mona Lisa Waits, Sugartown, School for Love, High Above and Down Below, Wrong Side of the Line, Land of the Free, Memphis, Someone Like You, I Love Money, Joey's Arms, Little Things for You, Now You Are My Home

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Cliff Eberhardt & Patty Larkin on Music My Mother Would Not Like hosted by Bruce Swan


Cliff and Patty! Wow - what a fun and wonderful show this will be. Two wonderful songwriters who've traveled so many miles together in the music business. Stories, songs and killer guitar work. Hope you can join us. Please go to this Facebook page and follow the instructions to register.


online - wherever you are!

This is a concert just for YOU - YOU who donated and helped me throughout this past year. THANK YOU. This show is for you. Please enjoy and no donations necessary at all.

Cliff Eberhardt and Ellis Paul on Facebook LIVE

Click the link and tune in! This will be fun. Songs, stories and laughs ~

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